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Feature Attractions

Guest House Veterans Museum and Bowang New Village

Themed on the humanity and culture of Paiyi (Dai) people in Qingjing, the Guest House Veterans Museum and the Bowang New Village Yunnan and Myanmar Cultural Exhibition Hall have demonstrated the mentality of members of Yunnan and Myanmar guerrillas over the last 50+ years in Qingjing.

Apart from understanding forebear's arduous process of development, you must not miss the Paiyi people's delicacies, beautiful costumes and tattoo as well as the "Qingjing Torch Festival". Incorporated with Paiyi (Dai) dance, water pipe competition, BBQ feast and various activities, this festival enables you to experience a different ethnic customs.

Small Swiss Garden

The beautiful Northern European atmosphere at the Small Swiss Garden has given it the name of “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”. Surrounded by such conveniences as Carton King, 7-11, Mos Burger and Starbucks, many like to stop by here to spend some time in the area before they continue on to beautiful Qingjing or Hehuanshan. 

The colorful flowers, bald-cypresses, red maples and LED artificial sunflowers of the garden give it a unique atmosphere. Yet, the feeling of the place can change dramatically, making some visitors like to come here twice, once during the day and the second time at night when beautiful lit-up fountains brighten the night sky. We especially recommend coming at dawn, when misty clouds float down from the mountains, as though intent on connecting you with the peaks in the distance. This place is like a beautiful painting, with you in the very center.

Sheep Shearing Show in Green Green Grasslands


Of all the places at Qingjing Farm, Green Green Grasslands features herds of sheep grazing on the grassy hill. Because they are so friendly, tourists have the option of buying sheep feed to have an even closer experience. There is also a regular popular sheep shearing show in which sheep shearers all the way from New Zealand skillfully remove the woolly coats for an excited audience’s enjoyment.

Horse Riding Show


After visiting Green Green Grasslands, you can continue up the mountain for a horse show at Qingjing Farm. The Horsemanship Show Stage is a circular theatre with seating for guests to enjoy an equestrian riding and acrobat show. Originally from Mongolia, the acrobats performing in the show are highly skilled riders, and their horses come from various places in the world such as the USA and Middle East. More animal-feeding is on offer here, but this time your hungry customers are horses!

Biological Experience Garden


Biological Experience Garden offers guide tours on the scenery and the natural habitat. The Butterfly Garden, Beatle Garden, and Bird Watching Pavilion are the best place for ecological purposes.

Feature Trails


The connected trails from the north to the south of Qingjing Farm have formed a network from the Green Green Grasslands to Qingjing Guest House for walking, hiking and sightseeing. More importantly, every trail has its own features. For example, the Guangshan Trail brings people a view of faraway mountains shrouded in mist and spacious grassland. Visitors are able to see sheep strolling on the grass and have a close contact with them. The Bu-bu-gao-sheng (literally: attaining eminence step-by-step) Trail is a good choice to relish the red maple leaves in autumn and fly with the butterflies in the season of butterflies. The Shoushan Park on the top of the trail also enables visitors to enjoy the every changing view of clouds; the Sunset Trail, as implied by its name, is a great option for visitors to take leisure walk with their relatives and friends during the hours of sunset in order to see Qingjing's unique, romantic, touching and wonderful view. The Cryptomeria Trail is full of phytoncid from the nature. Let's feel the breeze that blows to you and have your mind relaxed. During the sakura (cherry blossoms) season, people must not miss Sakura Trail. As the fact, there are visitors who come to this trail just to see the beauty of blossom sakura. Knowing that there are so many characteristic trails featured with different miens of the four seasons, doesn't it make you yearn for the beauty of Qingjing?  

The Magnificent Green Lake Scenery of the Wushoh Dam


When the late president Chiang Kai-shek came on an inspection visit, he saw the turquoise waters enclosed by the mountains, and the majestic mountains intermingled to form the beautiful panorama, as if a beautiful fade inlaid among the mountains, thus the lake became famous as the “Jade Lake”.
From the pathways of the QingJing Veterans Farm, visitors may enjoy the beautiful lake view and experience the beauty of the mountain lake view.

Continuous Mountain Peaks of Qilai Mountain


As one of the Hundred Peaks of Taiwan, the Qilai Mountain is located along the Central Mountain Range.
Here at QingJing, visitors can welcome the arrival of dawn on the verdant mountain peaks and witness the first rays of sunlight transforming into the varying auras, a vista on par with that of Alishan Mountain.

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