Entering Qingjing Farm

  • Q1.What kinds of ticket does Qingjing Farm offer? What is the discount content? How can I make my purchase?

    Discount Ticket Of Qingjin Farm. V icon means the service is included.
      Ticket NT$ 600 NT$ 240
    Voucher Entrance Ticket for Green Green Grasslands  
    Two-Way Ticket for Taichung – Puli  
    Two-Way Ticket for Puli – Songgang
    One-Way Ticket for Qingjing Guest House – Green Green Grasslands
    Coupon Group Coupon for Green Green Grasslands  
    Coupon for Accommodation
    (40% off on regular days and 15% off on holidays)
    Restaurant Coupon for Qingjing Guest House
    (used only on regular days)
    A total of NT$50 discount will be offered for every NT$500- purchase made
    and a total of NT$100 discount will be offered for every NT$500+ purchase made.
    SHINE Souvenir Shop places
    a 10% discount on everything sold in the shop.

    ※ Precaution
    1. Qingjing Guest House offers a 40% discount on regular days & holidays and a 15% discount during summer vacation (July-August) (please dial 049-2802748 to make your hotel reservations).
    2. Passengers who choose to take Qingjing Shuttle Bus from Taichung Gancheng Station or THSR Taichung Station will have to get their number tickets at Nantou Bus Reception Counter.
    3. Coupon for Qingjing Guest House cannot be used during winter vacations or consecutive holidays. (Please refer to Qingjing Guest House Announcement for the exact definitions of regular days or holidays.)
    4. After using accommodation coupon, no ticket refund is allowed.
    You can make your purchase at the following locations:
    1. Taichung Bus Station (at the opposite side of Taichung Train Station) TEL: 04-22224102 (only for NT$600 package ticket)
    2. Nantou Bus : Taichung Gancheng Station / TEL: 04-22256418
    3. Nantou Bus: Exit 5, 1st Floor, THSR Taichung Station / TEL: 04-36018665
    4. Nantou Bus: Puli Transfer Station / TEL: 049-2996147 (only for NT$250 package ticket)
    5. Qingjing Travel Agency / TEL: 049-2983589 (postal purchasing)
  • Q2.Can I use Taiwan Travel Card at Qingjing Farm?

    Since Qingjing Guest House is a specially contracted shop, Taiwan Travel Card can be applied to accommodations (including ticket for Green Green Grasslands and Small Swiss Garden), meals, and souvenirs at Qingjing Farm.