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Fare of tickets

Business hours

08:00 am ~ 17:00 pm


Fare of tickets

Type Weekday Weekend
/ Holidays
Ticket Package NT$ 180 NT$ 200  
Adult NT$ 160 NT$ 200
  • General Public
Group NT$ 120 NT$ 160
  • Groups of 30 persons and over/Soldiers/ Public Officials / Policemen/Teachers
Student NT$ 120 NT$ 120
  • Students with valid student ID
Senior NT$ 80 NT$ 100
  • Seniors aged 65 and over
Resident NT$ 80 NT$ 100
  • Residents inhabited in Puli Township and Sinyi Township, Nantou County; Heping District, Taichung City.
Concession NT$ 20 NT$ 20
  • Veterans with spouses and direct relatives.
  • Children under 6 years.
  • Visitors with disabilities and one companion.
  • Residents inhabited in Ren-ai Township, Nantou County.
  • Volunteers with the certificate issued by Ministry of the Inferior.


  1. Veteran Ticket: Free (with the exception of an insurance charge of NT$20)
  2. For subjects eligible for discounts, please refer to letter no. 0920000740 as issued by Veterans Affairs Council on April 24, 2003.
  3. Subjects eligible for discounts must bring their identification document to enter Qingjing Farm.
  4. To prevent sheep from getting frightened or cross contaminated, please do not bring your pets into Qingjing Farm.
  5. To ensure tourists and sheep’s safety, please do not use aerial filming drones in Qingjing Farm.
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