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Known as a “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountains, Qingjing Farm is great for those who enjoy fresh air, lush forests, acre of flowers along the plains and hillside, and beautiful starry nights.
Located in the northern section of Qingjing Farm is Green Green Grassland, which is an open pasture ground for livestock such as sheep and cows to roam and graze freely. Visitors are able to see the animals up close and interact with them. 
Green Green Grassland Visitor information
  • The Qingjing Farm is situated at altitude of 1,750 meters above the sea. There is large temperature difference between day and night. Please prepare warm clothing and personal medication.
  • In case of nauseous or any symptom of Altitude sickness, please do not enter the park. If you keep feeling indisposed, please descend for medical assistance.
  • The Green Green Glasslands requests admission charge. One day ticket includes three parks entrance of Green Green Glasslands, Guanshan Pastoral Area, and Shoushan Park (Nature Theater).
  • Please present your ticket at the park entrance. A ticket with corner torn off is no longer valid. For one day multi entries, please get a stamp at the entrance door.
  • For security reason, following behavior are prohibited throughout the park: smoking, cooking, barbecuing, camping, picnic, and eating lunch box.
  • The grassy area is mostly steep and slippery. For your own safety, please follow the directory foot path. Grass skiing, fence climbing, or improper use of facilities are not allowed.
  • Please do not approaching horses and sheep. Tenders should be guarded by parents to prevent injury from ramp running or grass skiing.
  • Please do not ride, scary, or play tricks on horses and sheep to avoid animal collide. In case of visitors injured, compensation fees will be liable to person who caused it.
  • Please follow the park security instructions to avoid injuries or insurance deny claims.
  • Please use park dietary to feed horse and sheep. It is strictly forbidden to feed animals with cabbage, snacks, leftovers, and other feedstuff using plastic bag. It may cause death of animals.
  • Pets are not allowed entry the park or deposit with staff. This is in line with the government’s epidemic prevention regulation.
  • To keep lands clean, please leave refuse at classification bins.
  • Remote control aircraft is forbidden at the park to avoid startle visitors and animals.
  • Please pay cautious on Tai 14A Route. Try to stay on designated trials and avoid walking on highway all the time.

For any visitor injuries or accidents, please contact farm staff at (49)280-2172 immediately.The Qinjing Farm office has public liability insurance to cover Qinjing Guest House customers, Green Green Glasslands tickets holders (excluding Tai 14A Route and non-public area).Please stay on designated pathways and use the pedestrian underpass.
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