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  • Veteran Museum

    Veteran Museum

    Offering themes based on the culture of the Dai ethnic group in QingJing, the Museum displays the history of the honorable and courageous guerrillas in Burma and of QingJing region in the past 51 years.

  • Nature Theatre and Ecological Garden

    Nature Theatre and Ecological Garden

    The Ecological Garden has cultivated countless native plants for many years, offering a diverse ecological system that will allow visiting adults and children to understand more about the interesting world of ecology!

  • Guanshan Pastoral Area

    Guanshan Pastoral Area

    Bringing people a view of faraway mountains shrouded in mist and spacious grassland. Visitors are able to see sheep strolling on the grass and have a close contact with them.

  • Small Swiss Garden

    Small Swiss Garden

    The beautiful Northern European atmosphere at the Small Swiss Garden has given it the name of “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”. Surrounded by such conveniences as Carton King, 7-11, Mos Burger and Starbucks, many like to stop by here to spend some time in the area before they continue on to beautiful Qingjing or Hehuanshan.