Nature Theatre and Ecological Garden
  • Nature Theatre and Ecological Garden
  • Educational performances
  • Plant extracts
  • Plant observation
  • Rabbit raising

Nature Theatre and Ecological Garden

The Ecological Garden has cultivated countless native plants for many years, offering a diverse ecological system that will allow visiting adults and children to understand more about the interesting world of ecology!
  • The Chiang Kai-shek statue in Shou-shan Park is one of the vantage points in the park, offering an unobstructed view of the beautiful surroundings. As there is no light pollution in the vicinity, the spot is also suitable for star gazing activities.
    Due to the introduction of countless native plants, the park is home to a diversity of ecology systems, and the Nature Theatre set within the area offers ecological information and provides regular introductory tours.
    Green Maple, Formosan Sweet Gum, Cherry Blossom, and Ginkgo are planted in the sections. During the changing of seasons, the flowers and leaves vie for attention with their plethora of colors, presenting the optimal tourist attraction for tourist attracted to colors.
    The Butterfly Garden houses large areas of honey plants, plants that lured herbivores and birds, and butterfly observation paths. During the changing of seasons, butterflies of every color will be attracted, presenting an amazing sight. To allow bird-lovers to observe the birds at close range, bird nests and observation posts have been constructed. The bug ecology introduction area allows children and adults to gain an insight of the fascinating world of bugs.
    The Park is equipped with tour guides to provide professional introduction services, and there are plans to establish discovery activities and nature observation stations. It is a prime spot for promoting ecology tours.
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