DIY Activity

The only DIY with special memory of the trip in Taiwan
Wool felt DIY
Made of assorted Qingjing Farm Corriedale wool
At Qingjing Farm, besides appreciating the beautiful scenery and watching the lively and cute sheep show, you can also make a souvenir of your own out of the wool.

  • Grass League Wool Felt Ornament (NT$350):​Difficulty ★★★★ Recommended for those above junior high school 
    Designed by Two Hands Studio according to Qingjing Farm’s Grass League—Dory and Cory, it is a fun and simple wool felt course!
    At Qingjing Farm, besides appreciating the beautiful scenery and watching the lively and cute sheep show, you can also take home the one-of-a-kind sheep ornament in Taiwan as the most special souvenir when you take a trip to Qingjing.

Grass League Wool Felt Ornament
  • Sheep Felt Key Chain (NT$250):Difficulty ★★★★★ Recommended for those above senior high school
    With Corriedale wool in combination with colorful New Zealand wool, you can create a sheep key chain in your own unique style. Slightly challenging, it is great for those rich with creativity. 

Sheep Felt Key Chain
  • Sheep Stuff Animal (NT$200):Difficulty ★ Recommended for those above kindergarten
    Just fill the cute sheep stuff animal with Corriedale wool or take out the wool and use it as a cute sheep zipper bag.
    The multi-purpose cute sheep is suitable for parents and children to join in together and leave wonderful memories.

Sheep Stuff Animal
Creative DIY Course
The DIY package is researched and developed by the Farm itself.
You can either follow the instructions by the instructors at the Farm or take the package home and enjoy the fun of DIY without hurry.
It is a great DIY course those passionate for craftsmanship shall never miss!

  • Qingjing Farm Music Windmill (NT$220):Difficulty ★★ Recommended for those above elementary school first grade
    Exclusively made by Qingjing Farm, the music windmill plays relaxing music when you gently rotate the vane of the windmill.
    Coming in two songs, “Doraemon” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” the windmill can be painted in various colors after you assemble it.

Qingjing Farm Music Windmill
  • DIY Sheep Zipper Bag (NT$150):Difficulty ★ Recommended for those above kindergarten 
    The cute zipper bag is in the looks of Qingjing Farm Grass League Dory and Cory. Children can design the bag with their creativity.
    They can complete the cute storage bag without using complicated tools. Besides, they can buy some Chinese cypress chips and turn the bag into a perfume bag.

DIY Sheep Zipper Bag

DIY Location 
Guest House

DIY Time 
There are three sections:
*Morning 10:00-12:00
*Afternoon 15:00-17:00
*Night 18:30-20:30
If more than 10 people (included) register in the same section, the time can be slightly adjusted according to the participants’ convenience.

Register a DIY Section 

Contact Information 
049-2802222 # 2272
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