Admission Ticket Price (Effective as of September 1, 2023)

Opening hours

Daily from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm

Daily from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm

Ticket Type Price Applicable for
Full-priced Ticket NT$200 General public
Concession Ticket NT$160 Groups (of at least 30 full-price eligible individuals during winter/summer vacations, or at least 20 during non-vacation periods);
Students (aged 13 or older with valid student IDs)
Half-priced Ticket NT$100 Seniors (aged 65 or older;
Children (aged 6-12 and under 150 cm in height; for children over 150 cm but under 13, a photo health insurance card is required)
Insurance and Administration Fee NT$20

Infants and toddlers (under 6 years old and under 115 cm in height; those over 115 cm but under 6 years old must present a photo health insurance card);
Individuals with disabilities and one accompanying person

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Notes on Admission and Ticket Purchase
1. Those eligible for preferential tickets must personally present a valid ID or document for each ticket purchased. If an individual qualifies for more than one preferential ticket type, they may choose only one. Discounts cannot be combined. For preferential ticket purchases, please present the relevant ID or documents beforehand. No refunds or exchanges are permitted if IDs or documents are presented after purchase. For those who use preferential tickets, please present the valid ID or supporting document at the entrance to be inspected by the ticket inspector.
2. Holidays refer to Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, consecutive holidays, and every day during winter and summer vacations.
3. Starting from September 1, 2023, those purchasing full-priced tickets at the Green Green Grassland ticket booth or through the Qingjing Farm official website on weekdays will receive a NT$40 shopping voucher for the Grassland specialty store. This offer is not available for ticket purchases made through other non-directly operated channels.
4. Tickets sold by the farm are only valid on the day of purchase and should be used on the same day.
5. Qingjing Farm is located in an alpine area over 1,750 meters a.s.l., where there is a significant diurnal temperature difference. Visitors are advised to carry warm clothing and any required personal medications. Due to individual differences in physical conditions, visitors who experience symptoms of altitude sickness, such as dizziness or vomiting, should not enter the farm. Those suffering persistent symptoms are advised to leave the mountain area as soon as possible to alleviate the symptoms. If necessary, seek medical attention promptly.
6. To maintain the safety of the farm, smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the recreational area. Bringing outside food to eat in the farm, cooking, grilling food, camping, picnicking, or eating boxed meals are also prohibited in the recreational area.
7. The grass slopes within the recreational area are steep and slippery. Please stay on the trails for sightseeing and refrain from grass sliding, or climbing fences and related facilities.
8. Do not approach horses and sheep. Young children should be accompanied by their parents for safety. Parents or guardians are advised to take good care of their young children, and ask them not to run or slide on the grass slopes to prevent accidents.
9. Avoid riding, teasing, or frightening the horses and sheep to prevent them from colliding with others. If such behavior leads to injuries, the perpetrator will be held accountable for damages.
10. For the animals' wellbeing, only feed them with farm-provided feed. Feeding with plastic bags is strictly prohibited to avoid accidental consumption and potential harm.
11. In compliance with disease prevention regulations, no pets are permitted within the farm or for temporary care.
12. To preserve our environment's cleanliness and beauty, kindly discard any trash in the appropriate recycling and waste bins.
13. To ensure the safety of visitors and to avoid startling the horses and sheep, it is strictly prohibited to fly drones or other remote-controlled aircraft within the farm.
14. Holders of the "i Compatriot Card" issued by the Overseas Community Affairs Council from now until December 31, 2024, enjoy 10% off accommodation discounts on holidays, 30% off accommodation discounts on weekdays, and discounted group fares for Green Green Grassland.

If a visitor is injured or an accident occurs within the recreational area, please notify the ticket booth or staff members on-site immediately, or dial (049) 280-2172 to inform the farm authorities for assistance.

Sheep Shearing Show
Sheap Shearing ShowThe sheep are covered with wool like clouds. Come and seehow the shepherd shears the sheep to make them feel lighter.

Among them, there are two performers, Mr. Graham from New Zealand and Mr. Bulat from Kazakhstan, both of whom are professional sheep breeders Qingjing Farm hired for the sheep shearing show.

In response to the show host's sign languages, orders, and whistles, the sheep herd of Qingjing Farm came out one by one so that the show host can select the right sheep, explain the sheep characteristics, and share the methods to identify the sheep. The highlight of the show is none other than sheep shearing by quickly and neatly shear the sheep's hair clean. The content of the performance is entertaining, interesting, and informative.

After the sheep shearing show, visitors will have the opportunity to get close to the sheep, feeding and interacting with them close up.

Time: 09:30 a.m. and 14:30 p.m. on holidays
Location: Green Green Grassland
Content: Sheep shearing show, shepherd dog herding show
Each performance lasts 30 minutes.
In the event of bad weather for outdoor performances, the performance time or content will be changed without prior notice.


Equestrian Riding and Acrobat Show
관중을 소리 지르게 하는 전문 마술(馬術)쇼 Equestrian Riding and Acrobat Show is performed by professional riders who stand, tumble, jump or even doing difficult archery on the horseback.

In addition to enjoying the exciting equestrian riding and acrobat show, visitors are also welcomed to take part in a two-day, one-night, or half-day little equestrian experience. Led by professional coaches, the visitors can learn about taking care of horses and some basic equestrian riding skills, which is an ideal way to get close to horses and deepen the parent-child relationship. We also provide English equestrian long-stay courses taught by professional one-to-one instructors, so that the visitors can enjoy the exclusive riding experience in the riding stables surrounded by woods.

Time: 10:45 a.m. and 15:45 p.m. everyday
Location: Guanshan Pasture
Each performance lasts 30 minutes.
Although there are protective fences around the arena, please pay more attention to your children and make sure that they do not enter the performance area.


Notice for visitors
Safety notice for Green Green Grassland
The park has steep slope. Please do not let children run by themselves.
Please follow the trails in the park for safety.
Please follow the restrictions when using amusement facilities.
Please do not use aerial drones, make a fire, cook, grass sliding, and bring your pets into the park.
In the event of an accident, please contact our service staff immediately.

Public liability insurance for recreational areas
In order to maintain the safety of tourists in the recreation area, in addition to setting up safety warning signs, we also provide "Public Liability Insurance" coverage to protect tourists against the accident, with a maximum accidental claim of up to NT$2 million.

Lawful operation
Qingjing Farm Recreation Area is a scenic recreation area with a qualified mark issued by Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.
Qingjing Guest House has the legal hotel label issued by the Hotel Association of R.O.C., and the 3-star hotel rating issued by Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. in 2013 and 2016 respectively.
All charging locations are equipped with cash registers managed by the revenue service office, and uniform invoices will be issued for any trade.